Bridge Studios is a multi-use rehearsal and creative space aimed at bridging communities through music and arts.

  • Multi-use creative space
  • Band Rehearsal Room
  • Writing and creative Space
  • Film/TV/Podcast Location
  • Artist/Gallery Exhibition
  • Itinerant Teaching
  • Workshop/Masterclass Venue

  • Local Amenities:
  • 5mins walk to local cafes, eateries, supermarket and bottle store.
  • 3mins drive motorway
  • 15mins drive from the downtown Auckland
  • Located 2 minutes walk from Mangere Bridge Township, 15mins drive from downtown Auckland, and 10mins drive to the airport.


  • PA System; Behringer UB1832FX-PRO Mixer 12 Channel mixer, 8 Channel powered monitor, 2 15″ FOH Monitors, Mics, Mic stands
  • Keyboards: Nord Electro 2, Korg MS2000, 73 Midi Controller, 49 Midi Controller, Modern Upright Piano (tuned)
  • Drums; Premier Drum Kit, birch, 20×18″ Kick, 10-14″, Tama stands and pedals, Sabian and zildjian Cymbals
  • DJ: Technics turntable, Stanton SMX-301 DJ Mixer, Numark NDX900 Controller/CDJ
  • Additional; PC with internet, 60″ Monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, misc hand percussion,
  • Amps; 100W Laney Bass Amp, 120W Line 6 AX2 212 twin guitar amp, a Marshall that goes up to 11…
  • Misc; Coloured stage lights, smoke machine,
  • Facilities; toilet, bathroom, fridge, couch…