Who we are

Timothy William

Tim is a professional musician by trade; pianist, musician and educator, and operates an independent recording studio. In his capacity as a musician he has recorded and performed for/with numerous local and international artists. He is also in demand as an educator/industry mentor; teaching piano/music, music production/technology and mentoring aspiring artists.

Tim handles the day-to-day operations of the studio. This includes; bookings, location maintenance, promotions/marketing, website and social-media management… 

Bridge Studios is a perfect combination of Tim’s passions; Music, Real-estate/DIY, technology and fostering connections within the community.

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Dr. Andy Monty


Andy’s a man of many talents; a Dr/GP by trade. He has varied background in background in a variety of businesses; from palms/plants, to Opals, to building and real-estate. Andy owns the premises and is a passionate amateur blues guitarist; and one of Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead’s biggest fans!

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